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Beauty DNA

No one can tell more than your DNA itself. Screen genetic variations or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in your DNA enables you to understand the possible risk of developing diseases or prone to certain skin disorders.

How noticeable your pores are is determined by genetic factors, your skin type, age, and skin-care habits. By using scientific proven products, you can manage oiliness, acne, and photoageing (wrinkles, spots, sunburn) easily.

Beauty Zoom

Skin is the largest organ of the body. How to effectively monitor our skin condition throughout our life?

Here comes the exciting part, we invented Beauty Zoomâ„¢ as a smart imaging tool that works along with our comprehensive App supported by Beauty AI to perform a precise skin analysis. This tool is versatile and compatible with all smart phone and tablets.

By attaching the Beauty Zoomâ„¢ to a smart phone, user can easily observe their skin problems at a magnified level. Once all images are captured and uploaded, the cloud-based novel imaging algorithms will begin to identify and measure a series of skin features and generate a score-based skin results according to your skin condition.

Bellesomics App Dashboard

Our App is integrated with AI based skin diagnosis algorithms to perform the most accurate skin measurements.
It measures your pores, spots, sensitivity, tone and wrinkles to provide you a precise skin analysis with a comprehensive skin report.