How does your forehead and cheeks appear 2 hours after washing your face and not applying any skin care products ?

Does your skin feel tight if not moisturized ?

In photos, does your face appear shiny/oily ?

Is your face oily in the T-Zone ?

Do you have any dark spots or patches on your upper lip or cheeks ?

Do you have or ever had small brown spots (freckles or sun spots) on your face, chest, back or arms ?

Do you have facial wrinkles ?

Does your face get red after moderate exercise or exhibiting strong emotion ?

Does any skin care or cosmetic products cause your face to breakout, get a rash, itch or sting ?

Does any sunscreen product make your skin to break out, itch, or turn red ?

Does any fragranced product make your skin to break out, itch or feel dry ?

Did you get dark spots on your face when you were pregnant, on birth control pills or taking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) ?

Has anybody in your family been diagnosed with any skin disease ?

How old does/did your mother's facial skin look ?

How old does/did your father's facial skin look ?

In cold/dry environment, without applying any moisturizer, how does your skin appears ?

When exposed to sunlight for the first time you remember, what happened to your skin after several months ?

Do the dark spots on your face get worse when you go out in the sun ?

In the last 5 years, how often have you tanned your skin intentionally or unintentinally through the outdoor activities ?

Please describe the air pollution condition where you live