Your Gene is Unique.
So is your Skin.

Beauty DNA

What are Genes?

Genes carry the information that determines your traits such as your skin, hair and eyes colours as well as skin sensitivity, premature aging and much more. There are an estimated 20,000 – 25,000 human protein-coding genes. The appearance of skin is determined by many factors such as genetics, health condition, daily dietary, living environment, use of cosmetic products etc. Among all these factors, the genetic factors are the most basic determinant for your skin’s appearance and characteristics. In recent decades, the identification of genetic factors that are associated with the skin traits have been extensively investigated.

How can you benefit from a genetic test?

To learn more about your skin and know how to manage your skin condition. Therefore, we strongly recommend everyone to take the genetic test to discover your predisposition to potential skin problems.

Our Technology

Our intelligence Beauty AI is designed and trained to analyze skin images precisely and recommend functional cosmetic ingredients based on your skin needs. Our in-house developed cosmetics efficacy simulation algorithm is capable to recommend the most effective and safe for use cosmetics product targeted for different skin conditions.

The current mega database primarily focuses on Asian market with significant amount of information related to commercially available cosmetic products:

  • Over 45,000 real comments from product users
  • Information on epidermis characteristics dataset collects about 5,000 scientific articles
  • Over 5,000 cosmetics products indexed gathered from top tier cosmetic brands or cosmeceutical brands.

By using your answers to our Skin Quiz, our knowledge database promptly retrieves the most suitable skin care regimen for your skin type.


A comprehensive database comprises of epidermis characteristics, biomarkers, scientific proven active ingredients, cosmetics INCI, raw materials and product formula.

Functional ingredient database

Over 400 key cosmetic functional ingredients were studied on its mechanism as well as their functions and MSDS. Particularly, the ingredients effects on biomarkers and the related pathway were comprehensively reviewed from large amount of literatures. Here, Oxford evidence-based-medicine (EBM) derived confidence score (-5 to +5) is applied to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of ingredients for each biomarker.

Mechanism in generating our database

Our database recommends customized ingredients based on your specific genetic background. We stored information gathered from the review of skincare product and specific SNPs details.In addition, we utilized the Oxford evidence-based-medicine (EBM) which derived the confidence score of (-5 to +5) to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of ingredients for each genotype. Our database is based on the genetic information from about 30 genome-wide association study (GWAS) that focused on different skin conditions that includes Asian-specific data and age-related epidermis characteristic to correspond within South East Asia market. More than 5,000 cosmetics products details are stored in our Cosmepaedia. All products are approved by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA, Singapore), registered under National Medical Products Administration (NMPA, China), Ministry of Health Labor Welfare (MHLW, Japan), and listed in Cosmetics Products Notification Portal (CPNP, Europe).