Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common asked questions.
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What should I know about genetic testing?

Genetic testing screen genetic variations or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in your DNA which enables you to understand the possible risk of developing diseases or prone to certain skin disorders. For example, how noticeable your pores are is determined by genetic factors, your skin type, age, and skin-care habits.

How does it benefit me by having a genetic test?

To learn more about your skin and identify your predisposition to potential skin problems that you might not be aware of which can be improved by using the right skin care products.

Who should do genetic testing?

Anyone who wants to understand their skin condition and discover any potential underlying skin problems they may have in order to get the right treatment.

What types of genetic testing are offered at Bellesomics?

We provide 10 biomarkers assessment which are related to antioxidation, youthfulness, skin color, pigmentation, sensitivity, glycation, atopic dermatitis, photoaging, wrinkles & aging, acne.

How to order the test kit?

You can purchase the genetic test kit by placing the order on our website after answering our short skin quiz.

What is in the test kit package?

The test kit comes with two cotton swaps along with instruction on how to collect your saliva sample and return it to our lab.

Can I do the genetic test without buying any skincare products from the recommendation?

Yes. However, you will not be able to enjoy our bundle promotions which give discount on the genetic test kit.

What is the expiration date for the test kit?

The expiration date is stated on the sleeve. If you forget to use it and has expired, it would still be safe to use as they are sterilized and not being treated with anything. Please ensure it has not been opened or contaminated. Ideally, you should use it upon purchase or within 1 year.

How to retrieve my forget password?

You can change your password on login page under the Forgot Password tab. Please ensure you have access to your email for verification purpose.

I forget my login email, or I have changed my email.

Please contact us to retrieve your email address. If you have recently changed your email, please sign in using existing email and change to your new email under your Account page.

How to use the test kit?

Step 1: Use clean hands to open the genetic sample collection package
Step 2: Use the cheek swab to gently scape your inner cheeks for about 1 minute
Step 3: Carefully place the swab back into the tube without touching the swab tip
Step 4: Repeat the step 1 -3 for another side of your cheek to collect second sample
You can find more information on how to collect your saliva sample in the enclosed leaflet included in the test kit purchase.

Should I avoid any foods or drinks before the test?

Yes. If you have just eaten please rinse your mouth with mouthwash prior to saliva sample collection.

When should I return the oral sample after cheek swab?

You should return your swab on the same day you collected your saliva sample to ensure the sample is still fresh to be analyzed by our lab. If it is not possible to return upon collection, please keep your sample in the fridge to slow down the degradation process and send back as soon as you can to avoid any inaccuracy on your Beauty DNA report.

I accidentally dropped the swab and it is contaminated, what should I do?

Please discard and repurchase from our website.

I have persistent dry mouth, how many times should I extract my inner cheek cells using the swab?

You can drink some water to moisture your mouth and gently scrapes your inner cheeks for about 1 minute.

What can I find on the Beauty DNA report?

You can find comprehensive information on your skin type, genetic profile, recommended skincare regimen.

Can I understand the DNA results without a science background?

Yes. Our Beauty DNA report is designed to be informative by presenting the information using graphs and icons along with easy understandable terms.

What is my skin type and how to find it?

Please use our skin quiz on our website to find out your skin type. Once you have completed the skin quiz and created your account with us, you can access your skin type results on your profile page.

How accurate is my skin type results?

Our skin quiz is adapted from the Dr. Baumann Skin Type Index questionnaires that have been tested on 200,000 users and is widely used by dermatologists worldwide. We have also selected the most relevant questions among the survey for Asian group.

What can I learn from my skin type?

Baumann skin type index is classified by 16 skin characteristics with four categories for each skin type from Dry, Tight, Oily, Pigmented, Wrinkle, Sensitive, Resistant etc. along with a comprehensive explanation for each characteristic to give you an overview of your skin type.

How can my skin type results be useful to me?

By knowing your skin type, you can avoid using the wrong skincare products and save your money from trying various cosmetic products on the market. Also, getting the right treatment for your skin is vital in order to improve your current skin condition.

How to install Bellesomics App on my mobile or tablet?

You can download our Bellesomics App from Google Play store or Apple store by searching “Bellesomics” as keyword.

Can I download the app on iOS and Android device?

Yes. Our App is supported by iOS and Android versions.

What can Bellesomics App do?

Bellesomics App measures your pores, spots, sensitivity, tone and wrinkles using our in house developed AI based skin diagnosis algorithms to give you a precise skin analysis along with a comprehensive skin score report.

What are the advantages of using Bellesomics App?

Bellesomics App is supported by our brilliant AI technology and is a smart skin system that automatically analyzes your skin condition by providing a personalized skin care solution only for you.

What can Beauty Zoom do?

Beauty Zoom is designed to be a smart imaging tool and versatile at the same time. It is compatible with all smart phone and tablets. By attaching our Beauty Zoom to your smart phone, you can easily observe your skin problems at a magnified level and it also contributes to the accuracy of your skin analysis results.

How to use it with our Bellesomics App?

Just attach the Beauty Zoom device to your smart phone rear camera by aligning both lenses together and switch on the light then you can capture your first skin image from there.

How to know if the Beauty Zoom is working probably?

Once you have fitted the Beauty Zoom device on your smart phone camera, you may launch your camera to check the alignment of both devices. If the round frame of Beauty Zoom is within the camera screen then you may start to capture skin images using our App. Remember to switch on the light prior image taking, also the lighting should be in bright state. If you found the images taken started to look dull or darker tone, then please replace the battery. After each use, please clean the Beauty Zoom lens with alcohol pads to remove the grease on the lens surface.

How to replace the battery if it stops functioning?

You can replace the battery by twisting the cap at the end of device. If you have trouble in finding the cap, please refers to the enclosed leaflet for the cap location. The battery can be purchased from supermarket under model CR2032.

Can I use the App without the Beauty Zoom?

Yes, but your skin analysis results will not be accurate, and we cannot guarantee that the recommended skincare products are suitable for you. So, we always advise our users to use our App along with the Beauty Zoom device to get the best results from our service.