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No one can tell more than your DNA itself. Screen genetic variations or single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in your DNA enables you to understand the possible risk of developing diseases or prone to certain skin disorders.

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Our intelligence Beauty AI is designed and trained to analyze skin images precisely and recommend functional cosmetic ingredients based on your skin needs. Our in-house developed cosmetics efficacy simulation algorithm is capable to recommend the most effective and safe for use cosmetics product targeted for different skin conditions.

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Never a fan of sunscreen but after trying the recommended sunscreen product I started loving it because of its non-sticky texture! Will continue to purchase this product after it finish.


Got my recommended skincare regimen and genetic test results today. The info given is comprehensive and easy to understand. Never realized that I am prone to pigmentation problems! Will buy the recommended essence as well. Hope it can improve my uneven skin tone!


Amazing skin survey! Tried some of the recommended skincare products and so far no breakouts. Will try the genetic test soon!


Found out my skin type through Bellesomics survey. Somehow quite match to my current skin condition so I have decided to try out their genetic test. My results came back after a week and I am surprised to discover that my skin is prone to acne! Used to think my skin is dry and sensitive so would only purchase non foaming cleanser but seems like it doesn’t help much on clearing my white/blackhead and still get pimples occasionally. But after using the cleanser and moisturizer recommended by Bellesomics, I noticed that my skin has improved day by day! Whoever reading this should give a try on their genetic test as you never know what underlying skin problems you may have…As we all know prevention is always better than cure!


Where do we come in?


With both Beauty AI and Beauty DNA, Bellesomics can better understand our customers’ skin conditions. Whereas Bellesomics Cosmepaedia is our key source of information related to cosmetic industry. Based on the up to date knowledge, Bellesomics can recommend the right products to the right customers.

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